Our Review of 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

Product Name 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program
Product Creator Brent Pourciau
Type of Product Sports / Baseball
Cost of Product The cost of the program is $497 one-time cost. Any Available Free Bonuses & Gifts Will Be Listed On Their WEBSITE
Product Description The 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program claims to add 5-10mph to your fastball in 16 Weeks using an unique approach to pitching velocity. The program includes 4 eBooks, 5 phone sessions with Coach Brent Pourciau, audio interviews with former Pro Pitchers and Pitching Coaches, video analysis, and personalized e-mail coaching.

Getting The Most Out of Your Fastball – TIPS

There is not a pitcher out there who doesn’t want to add some velocity to his fastball. Even Major League Pitchers (i.e. Aroldis Chapman & Jordan Hicks) who have hit 100mph+ numerous times on the radar gun wish they could throw a couple of miles an hour faster. There is no doubt that pitchers are throwing faster as time goes on. What is contributing to this? More pitchers have the ability to throw in the high nineties now and one pitcher who just got drafted from Fresno state has been clocked at over 100 several times. I think his changeup goes faster than some Major League fastballs.

If you are looking to increase velocity there are a couple of factors to look at and analyze. Are you throwing with proper pitching mechanics? That means, in a nut shell, are you utilizing your entire body to throw or relying on your arm to create velocity. Most Little League and High School level pitchers are doing just that. They are relying too much on their arm to generate the velocity they are looking for.

So how do you solve the velocity problem? The first thing you need to do is take a look at your stride. How long is your stride? If a pitcher has a short stride, less than their height, they are losing momentum. The majority of pitchers, or at least average pitchers, have average strides that are less than their height. Lengthening your stride is one of the first things I would suggest.

Another pitching tip as it relates to increased pitching velocity is balance. As a pitcher, if you don’t have balance you lack control and velocity. Is your momentum all going toward home plate or are you throwing your body every which way you can? You need to make aggressive movements as a pitcher, however, if you make aggressive movement away from the general direction you are trying to throw, this generally means you will put undue pressure on your throwing arm and you could end up with a sore arm.

The 3 Little Secrets About Velocity That Nobody Talks About:

1) Most instructors & lessons givers certainly do realize that velocity is critical…and although most would never admit it…they really aren’t sure exactly how to improve it. They say…it will come in time. The standard, boring and make-that-person-go-away answer.

2) To a vast majority of all instructors of pitching, velocity is a mystical, mysterious discipline. When talking about improving it, most will say something vague and smacking of profound conventional wisdom like… ‘use his legs and hips more…get longer on the back side…lift weights…drop and drive…more over the top…push off more…throw more long toss…use weighted balls, etc. The same old warn out excuses.

3) Another small group of instructors simply throw up the white flag and try to talk you into the fact that ‘velocity is genetic’…or ‘you can’t teach speed’…or…sound like a Real Estate Agent and say the key to pitching is ‘location, location, location’.

The Main Focus Points of the 3X Extreme Pitching Program…

Velocity is indeed a very complex part of pitching. Location is important, but velocity is too. Most athletes never work on this discipline. We’ve been told all our careers, just throw strikes! Here are some facts about velocity:

– Velocity comes from many factors…namely baseball pitching specific strength, momentum and inertia, pitching mechanic sequencing and most importantly, body part synchronization. With the right pitching program, you can address all of these simultaneously.

– Velocity coming from a pitcher’s are is certainly genetic. But most athletes under achieve when it comes to velocity. Nobody can break through their genetic ceiling, but most grossly under achieve. Since we may never be able to quantify our true genetic potential, we must work on this discipline disregard any estimates or limitations we personally put upon ourselves…or worse, what others may put upon us.

– Many, many times our preconceived, self-imposed limitation of what is possible is the problem. We most often get in our own way. We underachieve. We convince ourselves that we can’t throw any harder.

– Velocity can be improved.

– Velocity is by far and away the number 1 determining factor in whether a pitcher moves up to the next level or not. It doesn’t matter if that level is club ball, HS, college or professional. The conversation between coaches, scouts, pitching coordinators and GM’s begins with velocity. Now is it the only factor? Heck no! But anyone who would suggest velocity isn’t the number 1 factor is simply not being truthful.

Throwing harder takes a dedicated effort, planning and discipline. For some it comes easier than others, but don’t let that deter you. Make it a challenge to reach your genetic ceiling.

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