Our Review of Five Minute Profit Sites

Product Name Five Minute Profit Sites
Product Creator FMPS Team
Type of Product Affiliate / Niche Marketing
Cost of Product The cost of the program is $37 one-time cost. Any Available Free Bonuses & Gifts Will Be Listed On Their WEBSITE
Product Description As the name suggests, Five Minute Profit Sites is a combination of Software and Training system. The software program allows you to build Affiliate WordPress Sites and the training section teaches them how to monetize your website. Although affiliate marketing is often touted as one of the easiest methods of earning money online, the reality is that it is not so easy as many would like you to believe.

Even though it might be possible to earn lots of money, but it does take hard work, planning, patience, persistence and trying to keep learning and experimenting.

Online business can be like any offline business. It takes hard work, determination, knowledge and patience to succeed. And you do have to consider investing some money in it.

The wise affiliate marketer would plan each of his action and then execute it in the best way he can do. He would also try to keep learning and utilize any tool which can make his work easier or more efficient or save some time.

How Can Five Minute Profit Site Help Me – Top Successful Affiliate Marketers Would Focus On Are:

1. Link Building: Targeted traffic can be the lifeblood of an online business. You wouldn’t want just any kind of traffic, but you would want targeted visitors to your website.

And what better way to get a constant stream of free and targeted visitors to your website than through search engines. So to attain top search engine rankings for competitive keywords can be a dream for any affiliate marketer.

For the search engines, the link popularity of your site is important if you want to get top rankings for any keyword. Therefore you must pay a lot of attention and importance to building links for your website.

For getting free links to your site, you can submit articles to the top article directories with links back to your website, and you can also participate regularly in forums with links to your site in your profile signature. Do not forget to submit to web site directories too.

2. List building: Another important function you have to invest time in is building your list. Almost all the top internet marketers pay a lot of importance to list building function.

Getting site visitor’s email ids and names and getting them to subscribe to your newsletter or e-course can be really a very good opportunity to build rapport, trust and relationships with people so that they readily buy things that you recommend them provided that you have really established a nice healthy relationship with them by providing them quality information they are seeking.

In order to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, you may have to offer some good incentives to them like free e-course, ebooks, software or any other useful tools your readers might be interested in. Now using this simple technique you can create high quality info e-courses as incentive to build your subscriber list.

3. Excellent content: If you really want to succeed with internet business and build reputation and long term success, then you need to develop your website or blog and have some really excellent high quality super content related to the niche you are targeting.

If you see any top internet marketers or affiliate marketers, you can notice that they maintain sites or blogs which provide really excellent and helpful information to their site visitors.

This can build their reputation and make readers trust them as an authority figure on the subject. This can make it easier for you to sell your products. Of course you have to keep in mind that you should promote and recommend only quality products which can solve other’s problems.

Decide on a Business Model

There are two types of business models that affiliate marketers can choose from. These are a review site and a resource site. The latter embeds an affiliate link or an advertising unit into posts and articles. It requires frequent updates to make customers regularly go to the website. A review site features reviews of products and/or services that the marketer has tried. The review will contain a link or an ad that will direct readers to the website of the partner. A review website requires less updates.

Develop a Website

The next step on how to make money as an affiliate marketer is to have an online platform. This can be a blog or a personal website. This is where you will be posting links to your affiliate products and services. If you already have a blog or a website, then you can use it to start earning as an affiliate marketer.

There are blog sites that are free, while some websites need fee to operate and maintain. The good news is that there are web hosts that offer affordable website services. Websites also look more professional than a blog.

There are affiliate marketing programs that provide a free platform for advertising products and services. There are also some affiliate programs that offer pay per click programs without the need of a blog or a website. Links can be shared through social media, and it will direct people straight to the merchant partner’s site and not a landing page that you have created.

Find a Niche

As an affiliate marketer, you need to choose a niche. This is the area where you will specialise in. You don’t need to be an expert in that area. You just need to be enthusiastic and willing to learn about it.

It is important that you find the right program that offers products and services that are related to your chosen niche. The amount of work you need to put in and the products you are going to product depends on your chosen niche.

Five Minute Profit Sites




Ease of use


Value for the money


Online Support



  • Helpful for newbie marketers
  • Saves time for those who build mass individual sites


  • It's a fairly new product
  • Not many user reviews
  • Product claims of making a lot of money in a short amount of time are greatly exaggerated
  • Don't expect to build a site in only 5 minutes
  • Add-on premium features do get pricey