Our Review of InstaBuilder 2.0

Product Name InstaBuilder 2.0 WordPress Plugin
Product Creator Suzanna Theresia
Type of Product Internet Marketing Software
Cost of Product The cost of this plugin is $77 one-time cost license for up to 3 domains you own // $97 to use on unlimited domains you own // $197 developers unlimited license to install on client domains. All 3 licensing options includes 1-year support, and software updates. After 1 year you may renew your license for $37/year. It is not required to renew your license, but recommended for the updates alone. Any Available Free Bonuses & Gifts Will Be Listed On Their WEBSITE
Product Description InstaBuilder 2.0 is a plugin that will allow you to create visually attractive and feature rich squeeze and sales pages for your WordPress site. It also comes with a number of additional features that can give you ‘one stop’ solution for any of your web related marketing tasks.

Being an internet marketer will almost always involve creating squeeze and sales pages. You know you don’t just create them from random tools as they have to be optimized so you can juice conversions out of them. Creating highly converting squeeze and sales pages can be totally time-consuming, and so several software and plug-ins have been programmed to help every online marketer get the job done well and efficiently.

Effective Marketing Web Pages – TIPS

– Squeeze Page: This is a single request Opt-In webpage that directs the web visitor to Action: Opt-In for a Resource Article or Newsletter or Email List, Make a Purchase, or Get More Product or Service Info. This is an excellent page for visitors who have been pre-qualified via an On-Line Marketing forum. A great page to offer a Free Newsletter, Tips, Article, etc to establish credibility.

– Sales Page: Compelling headlines and delineated benefit points that stress your Product or Service’s value and asks the visitor to Act. Usually a building block process works the best, guiding the visitor to a sale in a serried of steps.

– Blog: Write 3-4 blog posts a week about your area of industry and expertise, giving away free advice and information. Many blogs offer areas where visitors can provide feedback. I recommend you read the feedback prior to posting and be sure to respond to all Blog Feedback. A Blog is a fantastic way to dramatically increase targeted traffic to your website, stay in touch with your customers, and generate the viral marketing affect.

– Membership Web Page: Put your site’s best, most valuable, exclusive content on a membership site and charge for monthly membership. A membership website has hard to come by experienced-based information, and the member site creates a community of similar goal driven individuals who can communicate through forums and find common solutions.

– Online Brochure: Describe your Products and Services, offer the Benefits and Value of them and ask the visitor to take Action. Action could be a Sales Page that asks for the Sale or an Opt-In for a Free Informational Article (Squeeze Page).

The feature list is extensive, but I have highlight below some of the most notable things about InstaBuilder:

• Social media integration – share your content in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites

• Comments integration via Facebook or Disqus – share your thoughts and engage with your audience

• A choice from beautiful ‘opt-in’ widget – build an email list of your subscribers through nice looking squeeze pages

• Exit ‘pop-ups’ and redirects – keep prospective customers on your page for longer

• Viral content lock – only permit customers to view content if they share it

• Optimise pages for mobile devices – make your page compatible and responsive for mobile device browsing

• Analytics integration and split testing – easily test which squeeze and sales pages are working for you

• Integrate ‘One Time Offers’ (OTO) into your sales pages – use this feature to promote extra offers to your customers and get more conversions

• ‘Point & Click’ graphics – no need for any technical expertise, eliminate tedious tasks and save your time and effort

All of the web pages you can create with InstaBuilder are completely responsive which means they render perfectly on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

The InstaBuilder plugin is a nice tool for marketing your online business as it makes creating professional looking sales and squeeze pages. It also gives you the freedom to post or promote products and brands on your site. It even allows you to capture leads without much work.

Another good feature that it offers you is its good and effective tools that will not require you to have a programmer’s skills to use and master. With these tools, you can create a professional looking page with the right plugins that will surely add value to your capture page. Not to mention it has over 100 ready-made templates that you can use right away.

A little drawback though, are the almost unbearable tutorial videos that are slow and narrated by a text-to-speech robot. This might work well with people who do not make use of manuals or instructions that much, but to everybody’s benefit, I see this as something that is not beneficial. I also noticed that there are no pre-styled headlines, and that you only have the drop-down menus where you can select from a variety of fonts and sizes.

Despite these facts, the way I see it, InstaBuilder 2.0 is still a good piece of software. As always, do your own product research before purchasing this plugin software.

InstaBuilder 2.0 WordPress Plugin

Starts at $77



Ease of use


Value for the money


Online Support



  • Positive Consumer Feedback
  • Tons of Features
  • Not Overly Complicated
  • A Must for Serious Internet Marketers
  • Strong Support Group
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • The tutorial videos could be better
  • A bit on the pricey side