Our Review of Revolutionary Sex 3.0

Product Name Revolutionary Sex 3.0 eBook
Product Creator Alex Allman
Type of Product Relationships
Cost of Product The cost of the program is $47 one-time cost. Any Available Free Bonuses & Gifts Will Be Listed On Their WEBSITE
Product Description Revolutionary Sex 3.0 is an updated eBook that was written for men who want to bring back the urge and excitement for lovemaking into their relationship by using *fun* sex positions, techniques, and tricks. If this is what you have been looking for, you definitely would want to find out more about this guide.

What To Expect From Reading Revolutionary Sex: A Few Lovemaking Tips

1. Good hygiene is the way to start off any bedroom tryst. It may seem obvious but your state of cleanliness could make the difference between a good night and a brilliant night. Nobody likes the smell of old sweat or stale breath. Women do however like the smell of a freshly washed bod, and did you know that the power of smell can act like a seriously strong aphrodisiac when you have a pleasant smell. Stock up on some lush smelling shower gel, have a good shower and she wont be able to stop herself from licking you all over. Another thing to keep in check is hair, whether it is shaving facial stubble (no girl likes to be kissed by a face of sandpaper), or trimming pubic hair (nothing worse than a stray black and curly ending up in your mouth), this is something all women will appreciate.

2. Compliment her and let her know how attractive you think she is. Men generally are turned on by solely visual stimulus, but women also heavily rely on emotional sources so make sure you spoil her with accolades. Being naked makes everyone feel more vulnerable, whilst some women love it and feel empowered, others can feel very insecure about their bodies, so help to boost her confidence and release her inhibitions. Sex, especially for women, is more in the head than in the body and you’ll be surprised at the difference a little reassurance and ego boosting can make to a woman’s performance, to the added pleasure of your woman and you. In the words of the great Rod Stewart: “If you want by body and you think I’m sexy come on honey tell me so!”

3. Remember its quality not quantity. This goes for a number of things including the obvious size issue. If you feel you have been somewhat shortchanged in the vital department don’t sweat over it. Most of a woman’s nerve endings in the vagina are in the top third anyway, after that she can mainly just feel pressure. You can also ensure you pay attention to her other zones: clitoris, breasts etc, (see point). Whilst we’re talking about quality not quantity, we all know that a 2 minute sprint wont get you any brownie points, but pumping away for hours will not impress her either, it will just make the vagina sore and numb.

4. Be chivalrous to your partner; Give her time to warm up with foreplay, as just thrusting straight in may hurt her and ruin the moment; don’t push her head down when you want oral sex, women hate this! Just ask her to go down on you, its much more respectful and she will more likely comply; warn her during oral sex when your going to come as some woman don’t like the taste of seaman and this will give her time to do whatever she chooses at the right moment; if she is a new partner or you know your lady takes a while to climax take time to please her first, this shows you care about her needs and will get you serious brownie points. Never neglect her right to an orgasm, this will not reflect well on your reputation.

5. Don’t just head straight for the obvious zones: vagina, breasts, butt etc, take time to explore her entire body to find all her sensitive areas. This can also start long before you get to actual sex. During the day kiss and touch her in some easy to access sensitive areas like the nape of the neck, or the ears, or the clavicle. This will get her blood pumping to all the right areas, and it has been proven that if a woman is aroused earlier in the day, her orgasm will be more intense when you get round to having sex later on. It will also increase her sense of anticipation of what’s to come later in the day, and when you do get there you wont have to concentrate so much on foreplay. When you are in bed you can also explore other areas such as behind the knees, the small of her back, her inner thighs, and her pelvis. Its not guaranteed that all gals love all of these areas to be touched but as you experiment you will learn what she does and doesn’t like.

6. Be gentle! Remember woman are much more sensitive than males and they actually have more pain receptors so be tender with them. A little nibble of an earlobe or nipple may be appreciated but do not mistake this for biting! Unless of course your woman is into a bit of ‘rough and tumble’ but she will make this known if that’s the case. When touching the clitoris being rough can be very painful, so only apply gentle pressure and rub it by rotating your finger softly.

7. The elusive G-spot can prove too much for some men so if you struggling to find your woman’s use this tip to help you on your way. Face you woman and insert your middle finger into her vagina, then use a beckoning/ come hither motion and where the tip of your finger rubs should be the area you are looking for. Your woman will make it known when you find it, and the rewards are worth it so keep looking!

8. Keep fit! Not only does this improve your stamina between the sheets, but a good toned bod is a huge turn on for a lady. Pay particular attention to the buttocks as this is the most admired part of a man’s body by woman, so encourage her to grab it by doing your squat thrusts.

9. What do all women love more than anything else? Chocolate of course! That might be a slight exaggeration but it sure is a great way to bring some extra excitement into the bedroom. Go out and get yourself some chocolate sauce or body paint (if she’s not into choc go for whipped cream or honey etc), and surprise her by wiping a bit on her hand and cheekily licking it off. You wont be able to stop her from stripping and wanting to smear you both in the stuff and then licking it all up! Incorporating any food can be fun so experiment with different textures and temperatures. Try heating the sauce up slightly, or use an ice cube to add some thrills.

10. Be inventive. Try making love in different positions or in different places other than the bedroom to spice things up. Don’t however try changing positions too many times in one session though as too many pauses to play may disturb any build up which will make it harder for a woman to climax. Sex games can be a fun way at experimenting; take it in turns to throw a couple of dice with one set or numbers relating to a body part (e.g. neck, nipple, genital etc), and the other set of numbers relating to an action (e.g. kiss, lick, suck etc). If your feeling particularly adventurous try playing dress up, go down to your local sex / dress up shop and see what you can find. This can bring out some weird and wonderful fantasies!

Keeping a relationship’s passion hot and steamy can be quite difficult, especially for couples with long term relationships. When the passion of love at first sight fades away, it becomes even harder to keep the relationship exciting. Alex Allman has researched and found many ways to help this problem though.

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  • I wish the guide contained more detailed photos to better illustrate certain sex positions