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Rogue Fitness

Product Name Rogue RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0
Product Brand Rogue Fitness (Privately Held Company) — Founded by Bill Henniger (Ohio, USA)
Business Contacts 545 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 • Customer Service: (614) 358-6190 • Email: team @
Business Profile Better Business Bureau | Rogue Fitness
Social Media Presence FacebookTwitterGoogle+InstagramPinterestYouTube
Type of Product Strength & Conditioning Equipment // Compact Monster Rack
Cost of Product Pricing starts at $1,095. Any Special Promotions Will Be Listed On Their WEBSITE
Available Colors (11) Bright Blue // Bright Green // Burnt Orange // Dark Blue // Dark Red // Gun Metal // Light Gray // Rogue Red // White // Satin Black // Satin Clear

Rogue RM-3 Colors

Height Sizes (3) 90 3/8″ — 100 3/8″ — 108 3/8″
Product Dimensions Length 36″ x Width 49″ — Total Footprint: Length 40″ x Width 53″
Product Construction (MADE IN USA) 3 x 3″ 11-gauge steel with 1″ holes spaced, 2″ on center
Available Crossmembers (5) Single Standard Pull-up Bar — Single Fat Pull-up Bar — Fat/Skinny Pull-up Bar — Crossmember with “ROUGE” Nameplate — Beam with Gusset for added strength
Available J-Cups (2) Standard & Sandwich. Both rated at 1,000lb weight capacity
Safety Supports (3) Pin and Pipe Set: Pin (1″ diameter) Pipe: 1.5″

Pair of Nylon Straps: 3″ Wide, Notched pin design, Rated at 10,000lbs

Flip Downs: Texture black powder-coated, Made from 3 x 3″ 11-gauge steel

Monster Add-ons and Attachments Rogue Monster Socket Pull-up Bar // Socket Pull-up Curl Bar // Lever Arms // Lat Pull Down/Low Row (Rack Mounted) // Safety Spotter Arms 2.0 // Mounted Chalk Bowl // Matador // Flip-down Safeties (Pair) // J-Cups // Straps // Monolift Attachment // Keyhole Gun Rack // The Difference Striking Pad // Monster Utility Seat // Squat Handle Pair // Flying Pull-up Bar // Crown Pull-up Bar // Monster Landmine // Monster Stall Bars // Neutral Grip Rotating Pull-up Bar // Band Pegs // Rack Mounted Leg Roller // Rig Shims // Pull-up Spheres // Single Landmine Handle // Rope Attachment Anchor // Single Bar Holder // Bolt Together Wall Ball Target // Plate Storage Pairs // Skid Plates // Multi Grip Crossmember // Monster Shackle // Single Post Storage Shelf
Side Notes By far the best value for the money. I have looked for racks for quite a while, it seems I either paid a reasonable price but the product wasn’t going to feel very stable under the weight, or paid a HUGE premium for anything heavy duty. Had it several months now and this thing is a tank. The attachments are all extremely heavy duty, feel secure, it’s just an all around great buy and quality.

First off the packaging was excellent, so hats off to the folks at Rogue Fitness. And thankful for it too because UPS beat the crap out of my boxes, but nothing was damaged. Now for the rack itself, totally awesome is the best way to say it. Completely solid, I’m probably 270lbs and I can literally swing from the pull up bars, chin up bars, and dip bars and the rack barely moves and it’s not even bolted to the floor. Very strong and functional attachments and amazing value too. Assembly instructions were very easy to use and was completed by myself with no problems whatsoever. Highly recommend this rack for smaller spaces.

Rogue RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0

Starts at $1,095



Ease of Assembly


Consumer Feedback


List of Features


Value for the money



  • Rock Solid Construction
  • Ideal for Smaller Garages
  • Customizable Setups to Fit Your Needs
  • The Single Fat Bar is Simple and Sturdy
  • The Numbered Posts Are Clearly Marked
  • The (2) Included 1.5" Wrenches for Assembly


  • Additional Attachments Can Get Very Expensive