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Product Name Why Men Pull Away
Product Creator Slade Shaw
Type of Product Relationships
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Product Description The ‘Why Men Pull Away’ course will help you better understand why your husband or boyfriend ended the relationship, and how to attempt to bring him back. Men and women view relationships differently. And until you learn to see things from his perspective it is unlikely that you will figure out the changes you need to make to really get him back.

So, Why Do Men Leave?

Contrary to popular opinion it isn’t for younger women, faster cars, and to escape the strain of family life. It is because he often feels that he isn’t truly appreciated at home. Your average man would rather die a painful death and walk across coals barefoot than tell you he feels unappreciated so he will make up a million different excuses that are not at the heart of the problem at all.

Now, getting back to the male female psychology will help you understand a great deal about how to get your ex back. Back together is your goal but achieving it may be a little tricky if you’ve been making demands or causing him to feel unappreciated. Men feel appreciated by your actions more than by your words. While it is nice to thank them for their contribution to the relationship, household, family, etc. it will not be enough for him. Most women, on the other hand, would love to be told.

The most obvious reason is because a man has met someone new and has found the qualities in that person that they have been longing for a long time. However, while this may seem the reason on the surface, the real reasons may go deeper than you realize.

You’ve got to understand that most relationships don’t just end overnight. There is a collection of reasons which gather over time and eventually it comes to a head.

So what reasons are we talking about? Just as a woman craves a certain kind of attention then so do men. Any relationship of substance – that is, one which has been ongoing for a certain amount of time will eventually go stale if left unattended.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You used to worry about how you looked around the home and you went out of your way to let your man know you were interested. After awhile, you started to become comfortable and gradually your dress sense around the home would begin to taper off.

Instead of wearing clothes that made him notice, you became more casual and began wearing “sloppy Joes” and left the make up off. Listening to his jokes started to become a chore and you laughed less often. In fact, your interest in him and what he liked to do dropped in intensity.

You begin to be critical of even the most minor things and encouragement is replaced by sarcasm.

What Men Really Want

The simple truth is, men will exit a relationship most times because there not getting what they want from it. So what do they want?

Here’s a short list and see if any of these resonate with you:

1. Men crave attention. There’s a lot of truth in the statement that men don’t really grow up following the attention they receive from the mothers. Believe it or not, this is the type of attention they continue to look for in a relationship.

2. Admiration is a big part of a man’s life. They like to be admired and while many may not achieve this in their social sphere, they at least expect it within the walls of their own own.

3. Respect is another craving men desire. In fact, it’s just about up there with the first two reasons. Lack of respect will soon convince a man that it’s time to get into an environment where he gets it and if he begins to get it from another woman then you do the math.

4. Men hate to feel like their partner is unsatisfied with them. This is a combination of the first three points plus they like to be wanted.

Often times, feelings and resentment are bottled up inside, and soon you feel like you’re not getting what you want from the relationship. However, when you do let your intentions be heard, it’s often in tones of accusation. When that happens, a man feels like he’s being judged and everything is his fault. He would refuse to open up and he won’t listen to reason. He’ll either tune you out or just drift away from you. What men want in a woman is acceptance and not being too demanding; someone who won’t try to change them and just accept them as the men they are.

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